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    TimberBend is a small Siberian Cattery located in central Indiana and specializing in traditional Siberians.  Our cattery is listed with both the Cat Fanciers' Association as well as The International Cat Association and we register, show and are active in both. TimberBend is proud to be home to CFA National and TICA International Winners, cats titled in both CFA and TICA  as well as respected imported European Championship lines.

   Our primary focus is on exceptionally healthy, well socialized Siberians who conform to the highest breed standards. Kittens and cats are treated as well-loved family members, raised underfoot in our home with lots of love and attention.  We plan a few litters a year for our purposes of maintaining a healthy group in our cattery and for showing our own cats. Those cats involved in our breeding program are selected for their genetic good health, their outstanding temperaments and their natural beauty, all in an effort to maintain, preserve and integrate some of the world's finest Siberian bloodlines. 

   Siberians have a lesser tendency for producing allergens.  While no pet is non allergenic, the Siberian Cat is a great prospect for homes affected by pet allergies.


We are centrally located and conveniently within an easy drive from Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

Additional travel arrangements may be accommodated.





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